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Las Vegas Short Term Rentals

We help people in Nevada get licenses for Short-Term rentals.

Get a Short-Term Rental License

For an extended period, Clark County, encompassing the Strip, banned short-term rentals to circumvent disturbances within residential areas. The apprehension also included potential inadequacies in fire prevention measures, safety protocols, and security features in these rentals.

However, a shift occurred when Nevada’s state legislature introduced and passed bill AB363, compelling the county to legalize and supervise short-term rentals by July 1st, 2022.

Consequently, Clark County instituted an ordinance that not only legalizes but also monitors short-term rentals.

Features of the ordinance comprise:

  • Licensing only 1% of homes in Clark County for short-term rental purposes.
  • Stipulating a minimum distance of 1,000 feet between short-term rentals.
  • Mandating short-term rentals be at least 2,500 feet away from hotels.
  • Limiting ownership to one short-term rental property per owner.
  • Introducing a varied licensing fee structure based on property size.
  • Subjecting licensed properties to an inspection, accompanied by a fee.
  • Capping maximum occupancy based on room and unit size.
  • Mandating a specified amount of liability insurance for properties.
  • Provisioning a 24/7 complaint helpline promising a 30-minute response time.
  • Instituting penalties for illegal operations.

Short Term Rental Protocols in Downtown Las Vegas Turning our attention to the actual City of Las Vegas, covering areas like the Strip’s northern end and vicinity of Fremont Street, there are certain prerequisites for short-term rentals. Property owners need to register as a business, pay an annual fee, maintain a stipulated distance from other rentals, and must reside in the property being rented out.

To put it simply, renting out the entire house is prohibited. Only scenarios where renters share the same living space with the owners are permitted. Quite unconventional.