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An LLC operating agreement will assist you in protecting your limited liability status, fend off financial and management disagreements, and ensure your business is controlled and operated under its own set of rules by your own rule, in contrast to the default rules initiated by your state. Some states may not legally require your LLC to implement an operating agreement, it is advisable to have one to operate your LLC, even if you are the individual owner of your company.

Operating Agreements Offer Protection to Your Limited Liability Status

The most substantial reason to create an operating agreement for your LLC is to make sure that your limited personal liability will be acknowledge by the courts. This is especially important in a sole LLC, because without the convention of an operating agreement, the LLC may present itself as a sole proprietorship. Enacting a formal written operating agreement will offer integrity to your LLC’s distinct existence.

What Should You Incorporate into Your Operating Agreement?

There are a plethora of components that should be included in your LLC operating agreement, and some components will factor on your business’s unique situation and requirements. The majority of operating agreements encompass the following:

  • Member Financial Interest
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Officer’s Power and Compensation
  • Non-Compete
  • Arbitration/Forum Selection
  • Departure of Members
  • Books and Records Audit

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