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A limited liability company (LLC) is a business that is required to be registered with a specific state. To register a new LLC in a proper fashion within your state, you will be required to file articles of organization. Articles of organization present the information regarding your LLC’s management and operation. It is imperative to all relevant information regarding your business and management and operation and file with your state’s secretary of state, if necessary.

How To File Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Each and every state will have a necessary formation document for a newly formed limited liability company (LLC). This formation document registers the business entity within the specified state. Each state has unique measures for information, however there are some measures that are universal. The majority of states will refer to this document as Articles of Organization, however some states use a differing name, such as Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Organization.

Filing your articles of organization does not have to be a stressful or complicated process. Nevada Small Business Consulting is available give you assistance, including incites to your specific state. We have included the necessary steps below that will give you an idea of what’s involved filing your articles of organization. If you would like assistance on this matter, you can contact us today at (702) 758-4691 to schedule a quick no-cost initial consultation.

  1. Select a Name for your LLC
  2. Appoint a Registered Agent
  3. Contact Your State’s Secretary of State or Business Filing Agency
  4. File Your Articles of Organization
  5. Pay the LLC Formation Filing Fee
  6. Receive a Certificate of Formation
  7. Publish Notice of Formation, If Required
  8. Create an LLC Operating Agreement
  9. Apply for an EIN If Necessary

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