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Trademarking Consulting Services

There are many benefits of trademarking your business name, along with important factors to take into consideration. Whether you are interested in trademarking a brand name, logo, slogan or symbol, establishing a trademark is an important tool for any business. Nevada Small Business Consulting can provide your business in establishing a trademark and through virtually any stage of the trademarking process. Registering your business name for a trademark offers numerus benefits, including the following;

  • Prevents potential customers from confusing your business name with a different company.
  • Defines your business’s brand.
  • Prevents legal action from other people using the same or a similar business name.
  • Being federally registered will add a level of prestige to your company. You can use the symbol, “®” after your trademark.
  • Having a registered trademark on file gives the business owner additional legal protections.

If you need assistance with the trademarking process for your small business, contact Nevada Small Business Consulting today to schedule a no-cost consultation. We will assist you with any questions and concerns you may have and offer our many years of expertise for you to utilize to your advantage. We will ensure that you receive the expert trademark protection your business requires.

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