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Setting up a nonprofit organization offers charitable and community minded people many benefits, including increased credibility, donors and grants. However, establishing a non-profit is not the best coarse of action for all people. In this article, we will discuss key points that will help you to decide if starting a nonprofit is your best option, the types of 501(c) designations that may best suit your nonprofit and the components involved in forming your nonprofit. You can contact Nevada Small Business Consulting today at  (702) 758-4691 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation and take the guesswork out of the non-profit process.

Is a Starting a Nonprofit Organization the Best Option for You?

Establishing a nonprofit business entity provides multiple benefits. These benefits include the ability to request funds from individuals who prefer their donations to be tax-exempt.  It also gives you the opportunity to apply for grants and prevent yourself from spending a great deal of the donation money on corporate taxes. However, there are some disadvantages as well. As an exempt corporation, a nonprofit must keep detailed records and submit annual filings to the state and IRS by stated deadlines in order to keep its active and exempt status.

Nevada Small Business Consulting will work closely with you and help you navigate the process of establishing your non-profit organization.  We are your one-stop shop Nevada Nonprofit Startup Consultant! We have included the basic steps to start your nonprofit in Nevada below.

  1. Name Your Organization
  2. Select a nonprofit corporation structure
  3. Hire Incorporators and Initial Directors
  4. Set a Registered Agent
  5. Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation
  6. File Initial Report
  7. Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  8. Store Nonprofit Records
  9. Establish Initial Governing Documents and Policies
  10. Hold Organizational Meeting of the Board of Directors
  11. Obtain State Tax Identification Numbers/Accounts

Nevada Small Business Consulting offers assistance in setting your nonprofit organization up for success. You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews. Contact us today at (702) 758-4691 to schedule a no-cost consultation!