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A single member LLC operating agreement is a legal document that establishes the rules and bylaws of a business. This operating agreement is often established in correspondence with the articles of organization during the process of establishing your company and are applicable to single-member LLCs. Limited liability companies require operating agreements to help offer protection for their liability.

If you are establishing an LLC on your own accord, you may be under the believe that creating an operating agreement may seem unrequired. However, whether you are establishing an LLC by yourself or with multiple business partners, it is imperative to have an operating agreement that establishes all of the rules for the company to adhere to. Nevada Small Business Consulting can assist you in creating an operating agreement for your LLC that will establish the ground rules for your limited liability company. An operating agreement is ideal for both new and existing LLCs.

Why Creating an Operating Agreement for Your LLC is Necessary

Even though you may not be establishing a contract with someone other than yourself, your LLC operating agreement allows you to create organized, plan, and get down in writing all of your decisions for the business. An operating agreement is advantageous if you will be searching for funding because you can present it to potential lenders to show your business’s organization and plan.

Creating a single member LLC operating agreement is a imperative component of the process of establishing a new limited liability company. It helps determine company processes, procedures, and legal recourses that can be lay hold of. If you require assistance creating an operating agreement for your LLC, you can contact us today at (702) 587-5652 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation and quote!