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If you are in the process of starting a new business, it will be beneficial to understand how your local zoning laws apply to you. The majority of entrepreneurs focus on startup costs, taxes, marketing, and finding the most ideal location to operate their business. An often overlooked component of establishing their business is looking into zoning laws and regulations. However, it is an important component to research since it could potentially lead to violation the law.

Understanding Zoning Laws, Ordinances, Regulations & Licensing in Nevada

The majority of towns and cities will implement zoning ordinances that places limits on whether you can operate a business from a residential property. However, in recent years many towns and cities have updated their zoning ordinances to recognize that a computer-based business will not have the same level of traffic or noise than other types of businesses. In some communities, it may be illegal to operate from a home location. Before you establish your business, it is of utmost importance to understand your location’s zoning regulations.

Nevada Small Business Consulting offers assistance for small business and entrepreneurs in understanding zoning laws in their communities and ensuring that their business adheres to all zoning laws and regulations. We help them identify and avoid any violations or liabilities with regards to the property’s conformance to governing zoning code. Zoning laws, or ordinances, offer rules in regards to utilizing an area of land or property, as well as the maximum size or occupancy allowed. These are the most prominent types of zoning laws:

  • Residential: Covers residential properties, and while you are permitted operate a business out of your home, specific locations have restrictions.
  • Commercial: For business operations, and can include subsets, such as retail or office.
  • Industrial: For a business that performs specific types of operations, for instance manufacturing.
  • Agricultural: For farming related businesses.

If you are starting a new business, it will be very advantageous for you to research zoning laws ahead of time in order to avoid any future setbacks. The last thing you want to deal with once you have established your business is to have it closed down by your city because you have violated zoning laws or ordinances. If require assistance in understanding and adhering to your local zoning laws, contact Nevada Small Business Consulting today at (702) 758-4691. We possess many years of zoning expertise and can help you make good decisions right from the start.

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