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If are starting a business, you will most likely be required to obtain at least one license or permit and potentially additional, depending on your business entity and business location. The majority of small businesses require business licenses and permits. But particular licensing requirements will depend largely on the type of business you are conducting and the location where your business operates. Some businesses will require a general state business license, while others are required to be licensed by federal, state, and local agencies.

In this article, we discuss some general guidelines that can assist you in figure out which licenses you may require and where to apply for such licensing. Nevada Small Business Consulting is based in Las Vegas, NV and have developed solutions specifically to meet the needs of growing businesses. We can assist you in the areas of New Business Start-up, Non-Profit Startup, Business Plans & Proposals, Employee Manuals, Living Trusts to Avoid Probate, and more!

Nevada Small Business Consulting can help you determine how to structure your business to maximize tax and legal benefits. We have included below some of the most typical types of business licenses and permits utilized by small businesses.

  • General Small Business Licenses: The majority of startup businesses must obtain a general business license. A general business license may be obtained through your county or city, and are usually integrated to a local business tax. General business licenses are in inclusion to any paperwork you filed to establish your business, a corporation or an LLC is not considered a business license.
  • Seller’s Permit: A seller’s permit is an additional license you required to operate a business which collects sales tax. In the majority states, the bulk of goods sold at retail inherit sales tax. As the seller of goods, you will collect the tax from your customers and transfer it to the state.
  • Industry-Specific Licenses: Federal, state, and local agencies inflict more licensing necessities on specific professions and industries. Overall, these licenses will make sure that your business operations are safe and that you possess the necessary training or expertise to operate it.

As a small business owner, it is imperative to have the proper licensing in place. Improper licensing can cause damaging factors to your business, such as delayed openings, jurisdiction audits, penalties, and location closures. At Nevada Small Business Consulting, our Business Licensing Consulting services will guide you through each phase of the licensing process. You can contact us today at (702) 758-4691 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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