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A federal tax ID is used for filing taxes, hiring employees, opening a bank account, and other business transactions. If you are in the process of establishing a limited liability company (LLC), you will be required to apply for a federal tax ID number, or employer identification number (EIN), for tax reasons. Your federal tax ID number is on the same level as your Social Security number and is granted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Obtaining a federal tax ID number will require you to fill out the necessary forms and paperwork.

Receiving a federal tax ID from the IRS is just one of many procedures that you must follow, so that you can benefit from the protection of your personal assets from specific business liabilities, as well as the pliability in operating your business that the structure of an LLC will offer. For assistance in obtaining your federal tax ID number, you can hire an lawyer or a Nevada small business consulting agency, that will assist you in completing the numerous forms necessary to ensure everything is completed in the correct fashion.

If you require assistance in obtaining in establishing your LLC, you can contact Nevada Small Business Consulting today at (702) 758-4691. We will do the work to make your business official and help you to form an LLC. We offer complete packages with everything you need to open a legal LLC. This includes LLC, State Business License, EIN (possible 2253 form for S-Corp status), operating agreement and any county or city license required.