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Establishing and sustaining any type of new business is difficult task. You will most likely need to locate investors, create an interest in your community, get your name out there through marketing tactics or word of mouth.  You must possess a strong idea of what your business will be and what steps will be required to achieve success. Nevada Small Business Consulting offers assistance in setting up your non-profit organization we will consult you on every step of this lengthy process.

In many instances, establishing a nonprofit requires the same attributes as starting any other business, and in other ways, they differ greatly. There many specific components to understand before starting a nonprofit that can have a serious impact on your non-profit organization before you even become operational.

In order to be successful, a nonprofit must be financially stable, with a fervent volunteer base, with strong leadership that is committed to the success of the non-profit organization. You will also need the required paperwork in place in order to establish a non-profit organization.

Organizations must be considered “charitable” by the IRS to receive a 501(c)(3) classification. According to the IRS, a charitable organization is one that has been established for the below purposes :

  • Religious
  • Charitable
  • Scientific
  • Testing for Public Safety
  • Literary
  • Educational
  • Fostering of national or international amateur sports, and Prevention of cruelty to animals and children

Nevada Small Business Consulting can help you determine how to structure your non-profit organization to maximize your\ benefits. Contact us today at (702) 587-5652 to schedule a consultation!