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For the majority of LLC owners, selecting the best name for their business is most likely the first and most imperative step as they begin their business venture. When you choose a name for your business, you most likely want something that is distinctive and also conveys the types of services or products that you are offering. You also want a name that will stick in peoples memory and is easy to spell, so that they can search for it online. But most importantly, you are seeking a business name that will fulfills all the rules for LLC names established by your specific state.

So how should you go about selecting the best name for your LLC? You should start by coming up a list of LLC name ideas. When you have established list of at least four candidates for names, make sure that they adhere to the following attributes to assist you in choosing the best name for your new company.

  • Select an LLC name that is legal within your state
  • Make sure your LLC name Memorable and has a strong meaning
  • Your name should be unique and distinctive
  • Check to see if your domain name is available
  • Check to see if your social media handle is available

Selecting the best business name for your LLC is one of the most imperative components of the small business start-up process. Your business LLC name will not only be the chief identifier of your company it also plays in integral part in building your brand. If you require assistance with setting up your LLC, contact Nevada Small Business Consulting today at (702) 587-5652 to schedule a consultation!