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If you possess an LLC and get an idea for a new business endeavor, you might be wondering if the best move is to establish your new business under your current LLC. In most instances, this may not be the best approach. This is a common dilemma that small business owners are faced with. Your limited liability company (LLC) is successful and you begin brainstorming for new business ideas and additional ways of making money.

Nevada Small Business Consulting can assist you in establishing an LLC and also offer consulting advice on how to handle any other business ventures that may arise. You can contact us today at (702) 587-5652 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. If you are currently effectively operating a single business under your LLC it feel like a sensible to establish a second business under the current LLC.

The advantage of an LLC is the limited liability it provides the business owner. When you operate multiple individual businesses under two separate LLCs, the assets and income of each separate business is furthermore protected from any liability risk which may have an effect on the other business. However, if you place the two businesses under a single LLC, the assets and income of each business are no longer separated from each other, and each is at potential risk of any legal claims that might be implemented against the other.

While it might seem time consuming or require additional costs to establish a separate LLC for your new business venture, it’s often a more advantageous path to take than running both businesses under your current LLC. Nevada Small Business Consulting offers full-service LLC formation assistance services. We can complete all of the paperwork and filings for you, with affordable rates packages. You can click the following link to view our 5-star Google Reviews. Contact us today at (702) 587-5652 to schedule a no-cost initial consultation and quote!