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The laws and regulations that are concerned with LLC names will vary depending on the state in which you are establishing your small business LLC. In the majority of states, you will need to include specific words as part of your business name. Moreover, there will be a list of restricted words that you will legally not be allowed to use in your LLC name.

Recognizing Your Company as an LLC

The majority of states demand an LLC designation be incorporated into the name of a business, which is registered as an LLC. The designations can vary depending on the state in which the business operates, but by and large include phrases or abbreviations, for instance “Limited Liability Company”, “Limited Liability Co.”, “LLC” and “Limited”.

One of the main advantages to having an LLC included within your business name is that it relays to potential customers and clients that you have take the time to register as an LLC. This additional step can make your business appear more

taken that extra step of registering an LLC. This can help to make your business look more credible or esteemed, which can be an imperative consideration, particularly when your business is just in its beginning phases. Moreover, including LLC in your business name brings attention to your customers that your company is a separate legal entity. So when they are purchasing services or products from you, legally they are doing business with that entity and not with you individually.

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